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MineCon Tickets On Sale Today

The recently announced Minecraft Convention, MineCon has a website up with tickets available for sale! The convention is taking place in Las Vegas November 18-19. The first 500 registrants will be entered to win “The Ultimate Fan Experience.” One lucky … Continue reading

New Mob Announced in Minecraft 1.8 Beta Update: The Endermen

Notch posted this picture a couple days ago on his twitter feed as a tease to a new mob that will be in the next “adventure update” for Minecraft Beta. Some more details emerged recently as to what these new … Continue reading

Minecraft Server AdonCraft Looking For Players

AdonCraft, a high-quality Minecraft server, is looking for some new players to join their whitelist. This server features some amazing building architecture, as well as their own Ventrilo server. The admin of AdonCraft also has a team of plugin developers … Continue reading

Junk Jack Looks like Minecraft and Terraria for iPhones

Junk Jack is a new game for the iOS platform that looks to borrow heavily from Minecraft and Terraria. It’s a 2D platforming game where your objectives are to gather materials and combine them together via a 3×3 grafting gird … Continue reading

Glass Panels and Fried Chicken, New Items Revealed in Minecraft 1.8 Beta

Jens recently showed off a couple new images on his twitter account, revealing some cool new updates for 1.8 Beta, the infamous Adventure Update. Along with glass panels, Jens showed off chickens as a food item in Minecraft. The screenshot … Continue reading

When You Die in Minecraft, You Lose All Experience Points

Notch showed off a couple new images on his twitter the other day of some new additions to Minecraft’s Adventure Update including a health bar, food bar and experience bar. Finally, some details have emerged about experience. Notch is a big … Continue reading

Unofficial Minecraft Nintendo 3DS Port In Works

DS modder Smelaum has released a demo of his homebrew version of Minecraft. This looks crazy and I can only imagine what Minecraft would look like using the 3D features of the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s to hoping this gets an … Continue reading

New Minecraft Adventure Update Details Released

Notch just posted up some juicy new details on the new big update from Minecraft; the highly-anticipated adventure update. Notch mentions about 40+ added features to be coming in the 1.8 beta update. While the team is keeping most of … Continue reading

What MMOs Can Learn From Minecraft

Amanda Orneck from Gamegeex posted an interesting article recently about what MMOs could learn from Minecraft. It’s quite fascinating, please go and check it out. Amanda mentions how “when I log out of Minecraft and into a game like World … Continue reading

Minecraft 1.7 Beta Out Tomorrow, Adventure Update to Come in 1.8

Notch announced that the 1.7 Beta update is coming out tomorrow. This will only bring pistons, not the adventure update, as that has grown considerably since first planning on working on it. If you’re bummed out about the Adventure Update … Continue reading

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