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This Minecraft Texture Pack Features… MATT DAMON

When you think of Minecraft texture packs, Matt Damon probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Regardless, here’s what Mr. Andy, a Damonaholic created in his free time for Minecraft. Check out the video below… While the actual … Continue reading

Legend of Zelda World Recreated in Minecraft

Youtuber and Zelda/Minecraft fan genGamenet has posted this spectacular recreation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time along with the custom map for download here. If you want to check out the public viewing server, you can connect with … Continue reading

Minecraft Server AdonCraft Looking For Players

AdonCraft, a high-quality Minecraft server, is looking for some new players to join their whitelist. This server features some amazing building architecture, as well as their own Ventrilo server. The admin of AdonCraft also has a team of plugin developers … Continue reading

Junk Jack Looks like Minecraft and Terraria for iPhones

Junk Jack is a new game for the iOS platform that looks to borrow heavily from Minecraft and Terraria. It’s a 2D platforming game where your objectives are to gather materials and combine them together via a 3×3 grafting gird … Continue reading

Dark Knight Movie Poster Recreated in Minecraft

If you went to Harry Potter this Weekend, you may have peed your pants a little with excitement when you saw the teaser trailer for the new Dark Knight epic. We really like all of the Dark Knight movie posters … Continue reading

Harry Potter Hogwart’s Castle Done Up Minecraft Style

We’re all huge HP fans here and in honor of the last movie coming out this friday (tears, sniff) we’re showing off yhnu5967′s insanely impressive Hogwart’s castle design. It’s really cool to see the floating letters in the sky as … Continue reading

Minecraft First Person Shooter Gives Creepers the Headshot

Youtube user and film school student Final Cut King clearly has a problem with creepers and zombies hanging out in his backyard. While I would file a restraining order, he grabbed his CoD47 and decided he’d bust a cap in … Continue reading

ThinkGeek Adds Real-Life Foam Pickaxe, Minecraft Sticky Notes

Minecraft and ThinkGeek just added a couple more items to their lineup of officially licensed Minecraft swag. Check out these awesome Minecraft Sticky Notecubes and this real-life Minecraft Pickaxe. Now all of you Minecrafters that were hounding me about the … Continue reading

Minecraft Universe Music Video Features Beautiful Editing, Rocket Pigs

Eric Fullerton’s Minecraft Universe music video is one of those few Minecraft user videos that really, really stands out from the crowd. These types of videos help create that beautiful, world-escaping feeling that Minecraft and other games from the NES … Continue reading

Minecraft Mods Make Crazy Dream World/Acid Trip

Invisible0tom uploaded this crazy show-and-tell of Minecraft with a shader mod and a custom shader to absolutely insane effect. It makes a normal, standard Minecraft map come to life with twists, turns, and — if you get motion sickness — … Continue reading

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