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19-Kilo Mayhem Survival Server

I invite all of you to TRY and survive. Our server is on hard. We hope to attract the best at surviving and the best killers. No rules. The goal is to survive. Survive mobs and humans. There are no … Continue reading


Slap Gaming International Survival Server | Bukkit 1.2.3 Free Build Server! | No Whitelist! | No Sign-Up Required! Dedicated Server – 16GB RAM – i5 CPU – Europe Hosted! Come Join Us Now! Server IP: Full Server Info On … Continue reading


Go to Great plugins, dedicated staff, anti-Griefing, A PVP World that allows Griefing and obviously killing other players also a none PVP world where you can build have fun and play with other members. So much you can do … Continue reading

Lava Craft

Our server is lag free, with a top-notch community. Plugins are installed to improve our players’ experience without making it confusing. We have a complete set of plugins that every player can use to prevent griefing and cheating. No Griefing! … Continue reading

[1.2] LightsCraft • FACTION/SURVIVAL

1400MB Dedicated DDR3 RAM Intel Xeon E3 1230 3.2GHz Quad core 1Gbps port connection speed 20 Slots Welcome to ColourCraft! We aim to to create an outstanding UK Faction sever which has very friendly and supportive members. Here at ColourCraft … Continue reading | SMP | PvP off | GriefPrevention

Server hostname: Server slots: 50 The Rage Quitters is a 24/7 survival server with PVP turned OFF. The server itself is a quad-core PC with 16 GB of RAM, and there have never been complaints of lag. Using the … Continue reading

PvP CharlieCraft Website: PvP charliecraft is well PvP no teleporting, Greifing in the wild is allowed Stealing in the wild is also allowd Every member can create a town, and protect anything built inside of it. If a player doesn’t … Continue reading

Train Station

This server includes a variety of creations, including electronics, games, a gift shop, a bathroom, 10 railways to all of these creations, a vending machine, bikini bottom, the statue of libraty, empire state building, apartment rooms, and theres even more!!! … Continue reading

Realm of Lumus

So, what is the Realm of Lumus, you ask? The Realm of Lumus is a 24/7 server hosted by beastnode. We are running a whole host of plugins like Dynmap, WebAuction, Factions, Warhub, Multiverse, McMMO, Iconomy, and a whole bunch … Continue reading

GPS Minecraft Servers

We are NOT accepting mods/admins but we are accepting members, from there you can work your way up the chain of command! Simply visit to sign up. Current Ranks: Unregistered: Default ranking which you get when you join. ( … Continue reading

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