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The Lord of the Craft is the world’s largest Minecraft roleplaying server, with over twenty-one thousand members registered on our forums, and over 357,000 forum posts. Our custom plugins make the experience even better!

“With Aegis destroyed by the Undead. It’s settlers migrated to the Realm, of Auslon. With the Monks of the cloud temple by their side, they were able to flourish in this bright new realm. The Monk Sanctuary lay in the center of Asulon, sheathed in song & beauty. The monks themselves then cast enchantments on the land as to protect it and factions then banded in groups. Villages, towns, cities and nations all stand vigil.”

The server is white-listed, requiring you to post an application which would show your understanding of Roleplay, the server/its rules and your character. The application process is designed to be both exciting and insightful, giving you the opportunity to develop the role of a character

Asulon is a large world in which its residents have banded together, submitting charters for permission to create settlements. Each race; Human, Elf, Orc and Dwarf. Have their own main racial capital.This does not mean that they are the only places you may live! Players run and manage their own village,towns,cities and nation. Each with their own unique charm and lore.

What goes on in this realm defines the histories in which we write. Create the character you’ve always wanted and act out the story you’ve always dreamed of. Just remember to keep OOC (out-of-character) and IC (In-character) issues seperate! Players are always documenting and presenting their events, discoveries and battles. Our forum boasts well over a quarter of a million posts! Many unique and awe-inspiring additions have been made by you! the players.

Along side our active & experienced GM team we have many community-teams that really create a sense of fellowship and goal driven developments.

What are you waiting for? There’s much to discover!

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  • stefan

    jasam mebuild lorde i eto zalim ti se na forum zasto nisi banovao endermanrules kad je grifo sve na serveru i banovao nas bez razloga veljka bez razloga a mene jer sam ga kick zato sto nece da unbnan veljka i jer grifa sve i onda on mene ban!!!!!!

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