Lava Craft

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Minecraft server type: Bukkit
Server Features:

Minecraft Server Description

Our server is lag free, with a top-notch community.
Plugins are installed to improve our players’ experience without making it confusing.
We have a complete set of plugins that every player can use to prevent griefing and cheating.

No Griefing!
Our players are able to protect chests, furnaces, and doors to prevent griefing and theft. Every player is also able to use WorldGaurd to protect their property so only them and selected people can edit the blocks there.

Our server uses the latest iConomy plugin. Players can earn Money by selling materials and just playing and contributing to the server.

Mobs are enabled in the world but only on the lowest difficulty but creepers are disabled so there is no creeper griefing. There is also a Mob Arena that anyone can use to mow through waves of Mobs.


GD Star Rating
  • Jack

    this is a really good server!

  • gman

    how do you join a server?

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