What Happened in Minecraft While We Were out.

An Accurate Depiction of Best Buy's Geek Squad in Action

Quick Story: I got a brand-spanking new computer for Christmas a couple months back before I started this website. It was super exciting, I got my first Mac computer ever and was very happy to see that Minecraft, this new game I had heard about, was available on Macs as well as PCs. My wife bought this computer at Best Buy and got Black Tie Protection for it. No worries for me!

Fast forward 9 months, and my hard drive crashed. Luckily, we had Black Tie Protection. I figured I would drop off my computer and get it fixed within 1-2 weeks and be back, hard at work on this website. Well, 38 days later, I just got my computer back from Best Buy. And all that was wrong with it was the hard drive. You know how long it takes to switch in a new hard drive? Maybe 30 minutes. Absolutely ridiculous, if you ever intend on buying a Mac, go to an Apple store and get one there with Apple Care. Don’t ever go to Best Buy for any Apple products.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s recap all the things that have happened while my computer was dead:

There’s going to be a free Minecraft in-game cloak for MineCon attendees. Now you can show off how much free money you have to travel to mineCon in-game after the event happens by running around with a cloak on. Also: it looks super cool.

Minecraft is going to have a hardcore mode which will destroy the world after you die your first time. This actually happened to me when my hard drive crashed, lost all of my worlds that I had worked on.

Animal breeding is going to be added to Minecraft. I really like this idea since I personally hate having to roam around to find pigs to flay into bacon. What can I say, I’m a meat eater.

The third pre-release of Minecraft Adventure Update is out. Check out all the new features and test them out to see if you can find any bugs and report back to Mojang what you’ve found. There’s a enchantment table, an easier-to-understand potion system now, and baby animals.

There’s finally a really good reason to go to The Nether. Jens posted on twitter that Ghast tears will regenerate the player upon death now. This is a great reason to go to The Nether and try to collect one.

The Minecraft documentary is well under way. 2 Player productions is a seriously legitimate production company and it’s really exciting to see their work coming along nicely.

I’m certain there are tons of other updates, announcements, and cool bits of news that we are missing out on right now and we’ll try to talk about those things as we get caught up here.

Other than that, we’re going to be hard at work, updating all the various sections that remained stagnant while updates continued to roll out with all the new systems and updates Minecraft has seen lately, like the potions, enchantments, etc. Having a computer dead for a month in Minecraft-time has certainly felt like an eternity.

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