Minecraft Server AdonCraft Looking For Players

AdonCraft Banner Minecraft Server

AdonCraft, a high-quality Minecraft server, is looking for some new players to join their whitelist. This server features some amazing building architecture, as well as their own Ventrilo server.

The admin of AdonCraft also has a team of plugin developers that are going to be creating some custom plugins for this server in the future. If you’re looking for a new server to join and have some fun helping out with these projects, this would be a great time to jump on the AdonCraft Minecraft server and check it out.

If you’d like to connect the server IP is

AdonCraft Minecraft Server

AdonCraft Minecraft Server

AdonCraft Minecraft Server

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  • justin425

    why did you ban my ip from the server

    • Minecraft Sandbox

      Hi Justin,
      We run a website here, not the server. We were featuring the server on our site, but if you got banned from a server, you would need to contact the admins of the actual server itself and not us. Good luck! :-D

  • Zaraham

    Wow nice server its laggy for me though >:( any way did you know my name is Adon!

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