Real-Life Minecraft Pickaxe For Sale

Real-Life Minecraft Pickaxe

ThinkGeek posted a sweet real-life picture of a pickaxe from their twitter account that they are working on making available on their store by the end of May! From the picture caption on their twitter:

“Ur doin it wrong, Timmy! Minecrafters, the axe will be available around the end of May, and we’ll have a page up later this week so you can sign up for email updates when it comes in stock. Please do not attack us with axes in the meantime.”

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  • brandon

    what did u make it out of

  • Dan Marek

    It’s a prototype made by ThinkGeek. They haven’t made them yet, they will be available in May.

    • brandon

      ohhk thnks

  • Popsen

    Is it possible that you could put out schematics with angles and lenght?

  • Freedomrush

    WOW I how do you buy them ^.^

  • Patrick

    Iron pickaxe

    • Patrick

      Denmark copenhagen

  • Patrick


  • Patrick

    23 January 2003

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